Find All of the Old Men at Old Town

Old Town has some of the grandest urinals in New York City. It also has some of the best people watching. From the century year-old porcelain johns to bearded old-timers, the Flatiron’s most storied bar is “a dive for all seasons,” as First We Feast shows in this slideshow. Where else can you find a 55-foot bar, a working dumbwaiter, beef-and-bean chili hot dogs and genuine Hindsale urinals? The saloon-style bar, which opened in 1882 and “was originally a lynchpin of a thriving German community in the Flatiron district,” remains one of New York’s most iconic, having been featured in House of Pain’s “Jump Around” video and in the show opener forĀ Late Night with David Letterman. It has weird hours (sometimes opening at 11 a.m. and sometimes closing at 6 p.m.), but on any given day, you can walk in a see a slice of real New York, Sabrett hot dogs and all. [First We Feast]