Five States Place a Preemptive Ban on Powdered Alcohol

If the long-awaited powdered alcohol concoction, Palcohol, ever does make it to market, residents in Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont will have a difficult time getting their hands on it. Soon, Colorado might be added to that list as politicians attempt to place a preemptive ban on the controversial substance, The Guardian reports.

Despite the best efforts of Lipsmark, the company that owns Palcohol, there’s a growing concern among lawmakers surrounding the dissolvable booze, specifically its consumption by underage drinkers. Chris Johnson, executive director of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, is quick to note a fear of increased alcohol poisoning among minors with less experience managing their alcohol tolerance. As he puts it, “We have enough problems with the liquid kind.” It’s suspected that, back in April when Palcohol’s labeling approval by the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau was reversed, it was this concern that swayed the ruling.

But is fear of the unknown enough to pose a legitimate argument? More and more state legislatures are ruling “yes.” [The Guardian] [Photo: Flickr/TheDeliciousLife]