Drinking with Guns, Free Money from Beck’s and Sex Drive-Boosting Vodka

Beck's beer

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– P. Diddy’s relationship with Ciroc Vodka could be in jeopardy over the recent assault charges filed against him after an incident involving a kettlebell. The spirit has seen a 40-fold raise in annual sales volumes since he came on in 2007.

– If you live in North America, you’re more likely to reach for a beer at the end of the day than anything else, while in Asia, it’s probably going to be liquor. We know this because researchers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch put together a map showing alcohol preferences around the world.

– A Florida business owner is appealing to local government on his plan to open a shooting range that also sells alcohol.

– LA now has its very own booze museum.

– Beck’s is handing out $50 refunds to anyone who has bought their product since 2011 and somehow still has the original receipt in an effort to settle a class action suit over claims that Anheuser-Busch fooled customers into thinking their product was made in Germany… when it’s actually produced in the U.S..

– Some passengers take airline wine lists so seriously, they’ve earned their own nickname: “oeno-fliers.”

– Finally, there’s a new vodka that claims to boost women’s sex drives. Not because there are any strange, potentially illegal ingredients in it; no, Lust Vodka is counting on the sheer power of suggestion to work its magic on women, according to a very suggestive press release from the company.

[Photo: Flickr/Rob n Renee]