French Authorities Discover Ecstasy in Champagne Bottles

French customs officers found two suspicious bottles of Champagne during a regular vehicle check conducted on a highway near Dijon last week. After a closer inspection, the bottles proved to be filled with a liquid form of MDMA, according to Wine-Searcher. Officers also unearthed more than a kilo of amphetamines hidden under the spare wheel. The drugs are believed to be valued around $123,000. 

This is not the first time criminals have transported drugs in wine bottles. Last year, three men were arrested in Australia for importing a few bottles from France, which turned out to be full of liquid amphetamines. Similarly, special forces in Bolivia busted a cocaine ring that was distributing drugs in wine bottles throughout South America. 

PSA: Stop doing drugs and drink more wine. That Champagne would have been delicious on its own. [Wine-Searcher] [Photo: Flickr/Images Money]