Half of Drynuary Participants Quit Within Two Weeks

happy hour

Each January, many resolve to better themselves and for some, that means abstaining from alcohol. The Independent reports that 12 percent of UK adults pledged to participate in Dry January, a pledge of abstinence sponsored by Alcohol Concern of Public Health England. Yet 52 percent of those participants fell off the wagon within two weeks, according to a poll of 2,000 adults taken by Pharmacy2U.

Younger adults were more susceptible to quitting earlier: 64 percent of participants under the age of 25 bowed out two weeks in, and it’s not difficult to guess why. Younger drinkers have, perhaps, more temptation or opportunity to grab a beer. Older drinkers that may have fewer social obligations and more rigorous work schedules, may take Dry January’s implications more seriously. In the UK, the official Dry January program encourages participants to scrutinize their drinking habits, and whether or not those habits are healthy ones—perhaps a process not top of mind for most twentysomethings.

Of those who’re still going strong, many are contributing to Dry January’s twitter feed, which showcases participants’ weight loss. And barely contained excitement for February 1st. [The Independent] [Image: Flickr/greg westfall]