Here Are 10 Clever Vintage Booze Ads

Glamorous and witty advertisements for alcohol—whether we realize it or not—sometimes fuel our desire to stock up on specific bottles. The power of marketing, right? presents the 10 Best Booze Ads of All Time: Print Edition. Be it a vintage print for Noilly Prat Extra Dry French Vermouth or a politically clever Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey ad, lots of time and effort seems to have gone in to create these visually fascinating promotions. 

“The only how-to book we had was the bible,” reads a print for Bushmills Irish Whiskey, “and that sure as hell didn’t help us invent whiskey.” Who can doubt that they are still doing God’s work? 

“There’s nothing more satisfying than Effen on a plane,” reads a tongue-in-cheek commercial for Effen vodka, alongside a sexy flight attendant with a martini glass and a bottle of vodka in hand. 

Seagram’s Extra Dry seems to have adopted Dos Equis’s “Most Interesting Man in the World” approach, as its vintage print captures a mustached, suave man with a cocktail resting on a table in front of him. Of course, there is a woman sensually caressing his head and a bottle of gin on the side. 

Head over to check them all out. [] [Photo: Flickr/jbcurio]