Here Are Six Really Expensive Cocktails

CNBC profiles six super expensive cocktails that live permanently on bar menus (most of them in Las Vegas, naturally). These outrageous drinks don’t come in diamond encrusted glassware, but they do all feature trophy spirits, such as Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6, which costs $22,000 per bottle and plays the lead part in a $5,000 drink at Wynn Resorts XS Nightclub.

The publication’s break down of the home bar cost below each cocktail either makes the drinks seem somehow worth it or even more insane. You’re buying into a taste of a $1,000 bottle of Hennesy when you order the $160 “If I Had a Million Dollars” at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland. But are you really going to get much out of muddling the flavors of three high-end añejo tequilas, plus premium Gran Patron, plus Grand Marnier Cuvée Cent Cinquantenaire, as they do in the  “The Benjamin” at LA’s Red O? You’ll need $100 to find out. When asked about the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Hardy Perfection Sidecar ($1,202), which features the collectable $10,000 cognac, a representative of A. Hardy USA says, “I am actually quite shocked that they put it in a cocktail.” Ditto. [CNBC]