Hey, Shorty: Half-Pour Cocktails Are About to Be a Thing

Sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach. Or the liver (and legs), when it comes to drinking. Enter the shorty cocktail, a mini-dose of high-proof happiness that allows for double the taste-testing without having to commit to a flight or a full-priced drink. Robert Simonson makes the rounds for The New York Times seeking out the handful of New York cocktail joints where short pours are available including Wylie Dufresne’s Alder, where bartender Kevin Denton serves halfsies on draft.

The shortlist (pun intended) of other bars includes Evelyn Drinkery, which specializes in “spirited phosphates,” and Gin Palace, where mini-draft cocktails are served upon request. Though there are many establishments that serve half-pint beers, one-ounce whiskies and half-pour wines, we’d love to see more bars serving up shorties, if not for the benefit of our wallets, then for the gain of our palates. [The New York Times] [Photo: Daniel Krieger]