Hong Kong Universities May Ban Alcohol Sales

The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong is calling for a ban on the sale of alcohol on university campuses, according South China Morning Post. The hospital group is worried about the well-being of students after discovering that a fifth of university students binge drink, but only one per cent admitted to having a drinking problem. 

“[They seem to have little vigilance in regard to alcohol consumption, thus they binge drink more often than ordinary people,” said Ivan Yiu Tze-leung, the Tung Wah Group’s community services secretary. Yiu also advised parents against giving alcohol to their children. According to the survey conducted by the hospital group, 40 per cent of students received their first alcoholic drinks from their parents. 

The hospital group seeks to “create an alcohol-free environment for university students” as it works with City University and Chinese University to teach students about the harmful side-effects of alcohol consumption. The team has also created an iPhone and iPad app called “eBACCalc,” which can calculate a person’s blood-alcohol. [South China Morning Post] [Photo: Flickr/Nicolas Vollmer]