How to Drink High Brow on a Low Budget

“I’ve never met a rich bartender. At least not that I know of,” muses Chuck Reece, editor of Bitter Southerner. In BS’s weekly long form missive, Reece concludes that drinking—and drinking well—should not be an expensive endeavor, especially because the pros who serve drinks are not, by trade, high-rolling playboys. In order to prove his theory, BS wrangled three of the South’s finest barkeeps to instruct in the art of imbibing beautifully with mere pocket change.

Jerry Slater of Atlanta’s H. Harper Station, Paul Calvert of Decatur’s Paper Plane and Greg Best—who are soon opening their own establishment together—set up shop to make Gin and Tonics (with homemade tonic syrup), frothy agricole Daiquiris and frosty Mint Juleps, on a budget. Because, “The magic of the cocktail,” according to Best, “is conviviality and hospitality. It’s not so much what’s in the glass as the care taken in making it.” [Bitter Southerner]