How to Spend Christmas in a Bar

Over at The New York Times, drinks columnist Rosie Schapp reminisces about the time she spent Christmas in a bar—and quite happily. Although George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Jack Lemmon’s character in “The Apartment” find no comfort in watering holes during the holidays, Schapp argues for the comfort and cheer a corner bar can provide when seeking respite from the relatives. At Christmas, “Expectations are high. Our homes are supposed to be festively decked out. Our cooking should be perfectly timed and unimpeachably delicious.” But it is not always so. Or, for some, the bar (especially in New York) becomes one’s point of gathering and community, as is the case with Flannery’s on 14th Street where an “unceremonious” turkey dinner is set up year after year. For all those sticking around the city this holiday, Schapp has included a helpful little guide to the homiest taverns whose doors will remain open on December 25th. [The New York Times]