How to Step Up Your BBQ Drinking Game

Tired of knocking back same ol’ beers at BBQs? This might help. Bon Appétit guides you through some alt beverage choices that work well in outdoor settings. “There are three simple rules that are hard to dispute,” writes Belle Cushing. “Bring: 1) something pink; 2) something bubbly; 3) ice.”

Cushing recommends cheaper, lighter and more effervescent wines for BBQs, like the easy-drinking Ameztoi Txakolina Rubentis rosé. Meanwhile, our editor-in-chief Talia Baiocchi recommends Patrick Bottex “La Cueille” Bugey Cerdon Rosé, a “patio-pounding bubbly wine from Savoie” with low-alcohol content. Other wine recommendations include chilled Cru Beaujolais and some higher-brow boxed wines.

Cushing also recommends cider and easy-to-make cocktails as well. A bottle of Pimm’s No. 1 is always welcomed at an outdoor event, as you can make easy and refreshing cocktails with sparkling mixers, citrus juice and fruits. Baiocchi turns to a “spritz kit”: one bottle of Aperol; two bottles of Prosecco, and two oranges. “Cut a bunch of half wheels of orange, throw two open bottles of Prosecco on ice near a bottle of Aperol… make instant friends.” [Bon Appétit] [Photo: Flickr/slgckgc]