In Australia, Cider is the New Vodka

cider at a party

Australia has seen a recent spike in hard cider consumption, “a 300 per cent increase in the sale for some brands” according to the Daily Telegraph. Interested to document the circumstances, VicHealth, a health awareness group, surveyed 6000 Australians and found that “one in three regular cider drinkers consumed more than 11 standard drinks in just one sitting in the past year.” Cider drinkers also tended to be women under the age of 30 and were more likely to be social drinkers. Though this group also tended to be more health conscious, many did not consider the fact that cider contains more calories and often double the amount of alcohol as beer. Which is to say, the market is wide open for SkinnyCider. [Daily Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Another Pint Please…]