Indiana Once Again Denied Convenient Cold Beer

Citizens of Indiana have been denied their right to cold beer. Yesterday, a federal judge ruled to uphold the state’s regulation that limits the sale of cold beer to liquor stores, according to The Herald Bulletin. This means consumers will have to “keep making a separate stop at a liquor store after the supermarket or convenience store, or go out to a bar or a restaurant.”

Federal Judge Richard L. Young upheld the current regulation, since expanding the sale of cold beer would make Indiana’s beverage laws, “which serve to limit the outlets for immediately consumable cold beer,” more difficult to enforce. However, there is a bit of a confusion; although convenience stores are not allowed to sell cold beer, they are allowed to sell wine, which often contains much more alcohol. Also, underaged drinkers can turn lukewarm beer into cold  beer through the magic of refrigeration.

The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association plans to fight to loosen the restriction. Best of luck to them. [The Herald Bulletin] [Photo: Flickr/Don LaVange]

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