Introducing Minibar, the Seamless for Booze

Think Seamless for booze. It’s about to happen in a big way. A new wave of apps is popping up to offer drinkers an essential service they didn’t realize was absent from their lives. Betabeat announces the arrival of Minibar, your new favorite app. It’s too simple: you select a liquor, enter your zip code (Manhattan and Brooklyn only for now), and patiently await the free delivery of your booze within one hour. This appears to be the most comprehensive option right now among a few alcohol delivery services, such as Swill (yet to launch) and Drizly. Minibar collaborates with local liquor stores so the user’s selection varies according to address—those neighborhood vendors will also be the ones checking ID upon delivery (underage buyers will be denied and subject to a $20 restocking fee). The co-founders say, “they hope the app will resonate with New Yorkers.” Um, we’re pretty sure it’s on its way.  [Betabeat]

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