Inventors of New Beer Gadget Forget that Craft Beer Already Exists

Dried Hops

The draft beer and the espresso machine have joined forces in an invention named the Hoppier, reports The Drinks Business. In hopes to profit on product personalization, Edward Brunner (head of food and beverage at product development company Cambridge Consultants), devised a draft system that directs beer through a stainless steel basket of dried hops before being pumped into a glass, much like water passes through an espresso machine over coffee grounds. Hypothetically, it would allow customers to indicate the level of “hop” desired in his or her beer.

Much like the Supersonic Decanter, Hoppier will not likely be used to pour craft beers considering that “craft” is usually already present in craft beer. Brunner may have misread the growth of microbreweries and craft culture: he sees the prevalence of craft as a “manifestation of personalization,” rather than an increased appreciation for traditional methods, experimentation and discovery. And it is upon this assumption that the success of Hoppier hangs.

Should Hoppier attract the audience between Bud and Mikkeller (arguably a non-existent market sector), it hopes to offer additional ways to flavor beer, like dehydrated fruits and herbs—which craft breweries also have a leg up on. [The Drinks Business] [Image: Flickr/tinatinatinatinatina]