Is the Three-Martini Lunch Dead?

London’s lushy mayor, Boris Johnson admits to the Radio Times that he “can drink an awful lot at lunch,” professing that it has only positive effects on his productivity. While this might seem a bit off-base to many, especially those workaholics who’ve never seen a mid-afternoon Martini, Martin Daubney, at The Telegraph, has a different opinion.

Daubney fondly remembers the golden era of the liquid lunch, and wholeheartedly mourns the death of a slightly inebriated afternoon. Citing successful figures like Winston Churchill, who was known to “swig whisky from breakfast onwards,” Daubney staunchly claims that a little daytime “juice can stir the creative juices.” Some of the boldest, funniest, most oddball ideas were born of a boozy meal, he offers. In his former career as a British lad mag editor, Daubney himself held regular meetings at pubs.

So should we all drop the sad Chipotle desk lunches and head out for drink instead? We’re of the mind that the occasional boozy lunch hour is never a bad idea. [Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/davidjdoe]