Is Weed Writing the New Wine Writing?

marijuana wine

The blogger Jeremy Parzen sat down for a glass of wine with “marijuana’s Wordsworth,” Ricardo Baca, who writes “The Cannabist” column for The Denver Post. While the activism angle is to be expected, the column discusses other interesting issues, like the very way the still-taboo topic can be discussed in the media and the vocabulary that should be used to describe it. In fact, as the first marijuana editor for a mainstream outlet, Baca is in the middle of inventing a whole new language to describe weed. In discussing their respective professions, Parzen finds compelling contrasts with writing about wine and spirits: “where pot writing is coming ‘out of the closet’ and being elevated to higher social status, wine writing has been wrested away from the elites in recent years…” Both wine and weed are agricultural products dependent on variety, climate and farming, so it’s logical to assume that weed writing and wine writing will indeed find a lot of common ground. [Do Bianchi] [Image: Flickr/Brett Levin]