Isiah Whitlock Is Making His Own Wine in New Jersey

Actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. is making wine in a warehouse in northern New Jersey, according to The Wall Street Journal. Whitlock has been drinking wine for almost 30 years and started making his own wine a few years ago. The project began with cabernet and the chardonnay that he produced in his Chelsea apartment. Although the cabernet was “as good as any $10 bottle of wine,” says Whitlock, the chardonnay didn’t turn out so well. “It turned kind of orange—and not the trendy kind.”

The actor’s interest in wine began when he worked at Morrell & Co., the Midtown wine shop to pay the bills. He started collecting wines, and “better wines came with bigger acting jobs.” 

Whitlock plans on crafting a vintage of “Funky Penquin” pinot noir this fall. “I bring it to parties and put it in a group of wines,” says Whitlock with a chuckle. “I never tell people I made it. If I tell them, they might not drink it.” [The Wall Street Journal] [Photo: Flickr/Atlantic Theater Company]