Jim Meehan Releases “PDT Cocktails” Recipe App

PDT bar

A new drinks app from PTD’s Jim Meehan and app developer Martin Doudoroff was released last week. With over 400 cocktail recipes and more than 1,000 original photos, the “PDT Cocktails” app is undoubtedly one of a kind. Serving as a digital companion to The PDT Cocktail Book, the app includes 100 new recipes plus an intuitive inventory system to assist users in making drinks with the ingredients they have on hand, as well as providing the best ingredient suggestions for growing a home bar.

Now available for download for $9.99 on iPhone and iPad, “PDT Cocktails” allows users to discover recipes according to spirit type, bartender or non-alcoholic ingredients like eggs. More than two dozen past and current PDT bartenders have contributed their recipes to the app, including PDT’s current Head Bartender and General Manager, Jeff Bell, beverage director at Momofuku, John deBary, and bar manager of Little Park in Tribeca, Anne Robinson.

Doudoroff, also a drinks historian, is enthusiastic: “…one of the most successful and accomplished cocktail bars of any era has opened their recipe book to the public and, with a little effort, libations fans can reproduce the bar’s drinks exactly, or they can use the bar’s work as a springboard for their own explorations.” [Photo: Flickr/John]