Kentucky Derby’s Mint Supplier Can No Longer Smell Mint

Thoroughbreds may be the main attraction at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, but it’s the Mint Julep and its fanciful history that catches our eye every year. WDRB reports that the supplier of all the mint garnishing Churchill Downs’ juleps is kicking it into high gear in preparation for tomorrow’s event. Aided by an army of middle and high school kids, farmer Bill Dohn will pick over 800 dozen bunches required for Derby Day cocktails. Dohn has been growing and selling perfect 6 to 10 inch sprigs that adorn spectators’ juleps for over 30 years. He is now desensitized to the herb and can’t even smell the fragrant crop that is his “little claim to fame.” [WDRB] [Photo: Flickr/Kevin Shine]