Kentucky Meets Japan in Suntory Acquisition

Japanese whisky company Suntory will be making the first large market acquisition of 2014 with its $13.6 billion dollar purchase of Jim Beam, which includes Maker’s Mark bourbon and Laphroaig Scotch according to The New York Times. Along with Beam’s established portfolio of American whiskies (Booker’s, Knob Creek and Old Overholt) comes the growing category of “innovations,” rolling deep with Skinnygirl, Red Stag flavored whiskey and Pinnacle Vodka in all of its Blueberry Cobbler and Rainbow Sherbet iterations. “The deal is the biggest ever struck by Suntory, whose beverage empire includes Yamazaki Japanese whisky, Bowmore Scotch and Midori liqueur,” and one which, we expect, will only boost the growing popularity of Japanese whisky in America. It appears to be Suntory time. [The New York Times]