Korean Soju Is the Best-Selling Spirit on Earth

“As the world’s leading consumer of hard spirits, South Koreans love to drink. Hard.” Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their national drink, soju—usually distilled from rice but often from a variety of grains and starches, like potato, barley and tapioca—outsells all other hard liquor on Earth, reports Tae Yoon for Vice. This lead might be attributed to a variety of factors, including its cheap price and the inaccessibility of other drugs in Korea. But it’s probably Koreans’ serious commitment to the ubiquitous beverage that solidifies the drink’s position on top. While American drinkers flit from vodka to whisky to rum based on season and trends, Koreans turn to the multipurpose soju for any and all occasions, celebratory or not. Yoon describes the stuff as “the truth serum that takes you straight to where you want to be.” That covers just about all bases. [VICE]

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