Learn How To Spot Counterfeit Wines with Expert’s New Site

wine cork and glass

According to Bloomberg Business, Maureen Downey—the wine consultant who helped the FBI take down wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan—will be launching a site, Winefraud.com, that will teach wine lovers how to spot a fake or counterfeit bottle is set to launch this April.

Some of the site’s information can be accessed for free, like a list of vetted merchant members dedicated to fighting fakes. However, the real info requires gaining a membership costing somewhere in the “hundreds of dollars.” Memberships are divided into three levels: enthusiasts, collectors and professionals. The site will contain tutorials, photographs comparing real and fake bottles as well as evidence found in Rudy Kurniawan’s home that was used to create fake labels and recipes.

“Winefraud.com will be a resource for everyone wanting to do due diligence on rare wines…There’s been nowhere to learn about this stuff before” explained Downey.

While nobody can really tell how much fake wine is on the market today, estimates for Kurniawan’s work alone reach up to $130 million. Which likely means lots of traffic upon Downey’s launch.  [BloombergBusiness][Photo: Flickr/Derek Gavey]