London Gets Its Very Own Owl Bar

Soon Londoners will be able to enjoy cocktails while hanging out with real, live owls, says The Telegraph. Annie The Owl Bar, which was inspired by an already-existing owl café in Tokyo, will be open for one week only in London’s Soho neighborhood. The owl-themed pop-up bar is proving so popular that tickets are available only by ballot.

The £20 entry charge buys guests two drinks and the company of the big-eyed fluff balls. Proceeds from the pop-up will go to The Barn Owl Centre, the conservation charity providing the birds. A professional trainer will be present at all times to monitor the birds, which include Annie “the queen,” Winston “the wise one” and Cinders “the cheeky one.”

Open from March 19th to 25th, the exact location will only be revealed to the winners of the ballot on March 16th. In keeping with the owl’s nocturnal habits, the bar will be open from 8:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. [The Telegraph][Photo: Flickr/Mark A Coleman]