Low-Calorie Wines Struggle with Low Sales in the U.S.

white wine

The low-calorie wine trend may soon come to an end in the U.S., as companies like Treasury Wine Estates have removed The Skinny Vine and numerous other low-calorie brands from shelves due to low sales, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The disappointing sales can be attributed to the fact that low-calorie wine also means wine with a lower alcohol content. In order to reduce calories, winemakers strip the alcohol from wine using a filtration process once the grapes are pressed and fermented. Sometimes, they pick the grapes before they have fully ripened, which reduces sugar levels, but also removes the full flavor of the grape. Simon Marton, the chief marketing officer at Treasury Wine Estates, notes that consumers have turned away from the low-calorie products because they want the “full taste experience.” [Wall Street Journal] [Photo: Flickr.com/nitr0z]