Maker’s Mark Is Being Sued for “False Advertising”

In booze-related lawsuits, two California residents are suing Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark distillery for alleged false advertising claiming the spirit is handmade, when in fact most of Maker’s distilling methods are automated.

The pair is claiming that this “deceptive advertising” gives customers the “false impression that the whisky [is] of superior quality by virtue of being ‘Handmade’ and thus worth an exponentially higher price as compared to other similar whiskies,” reports the Honolulu-based Star Advertiser. Beam Suntory Inc., the parent company that manages Maker’s Mark, plans to “vigorously” fight the lawsuit, but this is not the first time in recent memory the label has experienced criticism. Back in 2013, Beam faced an uproar when they announced plans to lower Maker’s Mark’s ABV in order to stretch their supply to meet the consistently increasing demand for the spirit.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, as they say. [The Star Advertiser] [Photo: Flickr/Norio Makayama]