Marijuana-Infused Cocktails Are a Thing in California

Southern California’s Venice Cookie Company is infusing drinks with marijuana, according to High Times.  “We still sell more chocolate than drinks, but drinks are catching up!” says Kenny Morrison, co-founder of the company, which won third place at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2013 for its Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade.

The popularity of cannabis-infused beverages is quickly growing, and for good reasons. First of all, the drinks will hit you faster than other weed-spiked edibles. “It’s the fastest-acting product we make,” says Morrison. “It’s easily absorbed into the body and you’ll feel it within 10 to 20 minutes.” 

Head over to High Times for a few weed cocktail recipes, including Cannabis Simple Syrup and Malibu Mule.  [High Times] [Photo: Flickr/Manuel Martín Vicente]