Men Arrested for Selling Natty Ice Illegally

Two Indiana men were arrested and jailed after illegally selling alcohol out of a home, according to Indy Star. Police confiscated over 150 bottles and cans of alcohol, as well as an undisclosed amount of money. 

While one of the men, 51, was “preliminarily charged with selling alcohol without a permit and selling alcohol on a Sunday,” the other, 53, was charged with “illegally using a location for alcohol sales.” Police made the arrest after a three-week investigation following an anonymous tip. 

According to excise police, confiscated items include “142 12-ounce cans of Natural Ice beer and 18 375-milliliter bottles of liquor.” So, at least the criminals had great taste. [IndyStar] [Photo: Flickr/Chris Yarzab]

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