Miami Man Attempts to Trade an Alligator for Beer

What do you do when you find a four-foot alligator slithering around your local Miami park? Take it to the corner store and attempt to trade it for beer, of course. If you’ve ever spent time in Miami city-proper, you know that, between the crazy drivers and intense July heat, it holds potential for some wild west-style interactions. But this scenario blows everyday Miami weirdness out of the water. On December 10th, Fernando Caignet Aguilera was charged for possessing and attempting to sell an alligator for beer at a bodega. Naturally, the store clerk refused and called authorities. NBC reports that, “Hours after the interview, Aguilera remained posted outside of his home, and refused to speak to any members of the media.” Clearly, he remained disappointed the trade didn’t work out in his favor. [NBC]

Man Tried to Trade Live Alligator for Beer on NBC.

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