Millennials Are Less Likely To Buy Wine Online

man with red wine

Millennials, despite being more technologically savvy, are not purchasing their wine online. The Tribune San Luis Obispo reports that online purchasers are actually more likely to be, “older, married men with incomes higher than other wine drinkers,” who are also “more likely to buy wine at higher prices and be more knowledgeable about wine.” Millennials, meanwhile, are more likely to grab a bargain bottle on the way to the check-out according to a study conducted by California Polytechnic State’s Wine and Viticulture Department.

A summary of the study on Wine Spectator further elucidates the discrepancy between millennials’ strong online presence versus their online wine purchases: “Millennials think shipping costs are too high and would prefer not to wait for a wine shipment.” Millennials also enjoy perusing the shelves, looking at the label, getting recommendations and buying spur-of-the-moment. The lapse of time between an online order and its delivery makes more sense for purchasers who buy to collect, age wine and impress while entertaining. [The Tribune San Luis Obispo] [Image: Flickr/_Wiedz]