Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy Produces Well-Adjusted Children

Drinking with a bun in the oven may benefit the babies-to-be after all. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that, “Pregnant women who drink small amounts of alcohol have children who are better behaved and better adjusted than the offspring of those who never take a sip.” The study tracked 100,000 pregnant Danish women from 1996 to 2002 and determined that the offspring of moderate pregnant drinkers (defined as those who drink the equivalent of a bottle of wine a month, or a glass a week) are “better off emotionally and behaviorally.”

The study did not include women who drink more than the designated moderate level. However, lead psychologist Janni Niclase cautions against creating a causal relationship with alcohol while pregnant and hypothesizes that children benefit from the lifestyle choices of mothers who consume lightly, as they tend to be better educated. Pregnant drinking remains contested as research and cultural norms conflict; however, American obstetricians tend to agree that an occasional beer or glass of wine in the third trimester is safe. [San Francisco Chronicle]