Moscow Mule Muggings Sweep the Country

We’ve all had a that klepto-cousin who slips silverware from fancy restaurants into his pockets or the weird aunt who sweeps extra creamers and jam pots from a diner into her purse. These are small-time swindles compared to the recent epidemic of Moscow Mule mugs gone missing at bars across the country according to the Wall Street Journal. This 1940s-era cocktail made from a simple mix of vodka, lime and ginger beer is traditionally served in a copper mule that elegantly freezes over when filled with ice and booze. A relatively accessible classic, the Mule has risen in popularity with people who might not have previously been interested in cocktail culture: “As more people become interested in having classic cocktail gear at home, mule-mug theft is spiking along with the drink’s popularity, say bar managers and owners.” This includes Seattle’s Rob Roy, which usually has a set of 16 at one time. They’re down to four. Some restaurants like LongHorn Steakhouse have begun selling them in an effort to minimize theft, while Rob Roy only serves them within in sightline of the bar, requiring patrons to belly up if they commit to the drink. Keep your hand-cut coupes and metal straw under wraps, people. They’re next. [Wall Street Journal]