Move Over Skinnygirl, Sandra Lee’s Got a Bottled Margarita Too

sandra lee

Diageo has announced a new partnership with TV personality and celebrity chef Sandra Lee on a bottled Margarita. The pre-mixed drink will be aptly named “Sandra Lee Cocktail Time Margaritas” after Lee’s recognizable “It’s cocktail time!” catchphrase. A press release on PR Newswire revealed that the drink will come in two flavors, Key Lime and Strawberry, each available in a 750 ml bottle for $15.99.

The Margarita drinks are “infused” with real key limes, strawberries, pure cane sugar, premium blue agave silver tequila, triple sec liqueur and other natural flavors. Lee happily announced that the search for the perfect Margarita is over: “After personally testing and tasting all of the ready-to-serve margaritas and premade cocktails on the market, along with signature recipes from restaurants and lounges, and my own kitchen creations, I’m proud to present my new, absolutely delicious, ready-to-serve Sandra Lee Cocktail Time™ Margaritas and Margarita Cocktails.”

In the press release Diageo suggests that the drink be served straight from the bottle or as the alcohol base to “a variety of America’s other favorite cocktails—from Cosmos and Coladas to Martinis and Mojitos.” And that’s just the right amount of conflation to bring up this delightful Kwanzaa cake disaster.  [PR Newswire][Photo: Flickr/David Shankbone]