MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Is Not into American Beer

Now comes the requisite discussion in regards to how much we loved/hated/laughed at yesterday’s Superbowl commercials. MSNBC host Chuck Todd made his feelings known with a Tweet stating, “Left unsaid by Bob Dylan: American beer sucks” in reference to Dylan’s Detroit-centric Chrysler commercial. Dylan’s gravelly voice crooned, “So let Germany brew your beer. Let Switzerland make your watch. Let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car,” already implying America’s ale game isn’t the greatest. Slate writer Matt Yglesias argues back as, “an apologist for “bad” low-flavor American beers.” We couldn’t agree more. Sometimes a crappy, ice-cold beer is just what you need to treat a hangover, stave off heat stroke or accompany whiskey. Not to mention the fact that, aside from Miller High Life and Coors Light, small breweries all over America are dreaming up greater numbers of decent brews every season. Sure, Germany got a head start by a few centuries, but America’s ever-growing craft brewery scene can’t be totally discounted. Also: Volkswagen. [Slate] [Photo: YouTube/Chrysler]