New Beer from MillerCoors Created for Whiskey Lovers

In an effort to catch up with a continually innovating spirits industry, MillerCoors is introducing a new beer aimed at a whiskey drinking audience. According to Bloomberg Miller Fortune (as the new beer will be called) was conceptualized to set itself apart from other beers with a bitter bite, black bottle, minimal branding and higher ABV (6.9% in comparison with the usual 4 or 5%). It will also be served in a rocks glass as opposed to a pint glass to evoke the experience of drinking whiskey neat. Miller Fortune comes on the heels of Anheuser-Busch’s Black Crown, another higher-ABV beer from a company which has innovated to “stem brand declines” with products like Straw-Ber-Rita and Bud Light Platinum. In addition to higher-minded television ads, Miller Fortune’s marketing does not stop at the label or the glass: “Miller Fortune‚Äôs bottle cap reinforces the notion [to follow the bold] with a white spade on the top and a black spade on the bottom, so drinkers can flip on what to do next.” We’ll probably just order a whiskey neat next. [Bloomberg]