New “Craft Wine” Made Using Hops


The folks over at Allan Scott Family Winemakers in New Zealand have created a new “craft wine” made using hops. Josh Scott, winemaking director at the winery has worked to create a new beverage that combines a blend of the usual Sauvignon Blanc grapes and green sauvin hops, says The wine titled “Green Hopped Gooseberry Bomb Sauvignon Blanc” is said to have been created to target beer bars across New Zealand and the U.S.

Scott told Stuff about how they came up with the idea: “It came about last year, we were just talking in the winery doing new things building profile in the brand … everyone talks about new product development, engaging with customers and keeping it fresh and I just wanted to do something a bit different.”

The new hybrid wine is served from a keg, another way the creators hope to appeal to beer drinkers as well as wine drinkers. Right now, Gooseberry Bomb is only available in New Zealand and at Allan Scott’s restaurant, Twelve Trees, but the makers have big plans to expand its reach to bars across New Zealand and overseas. It also looks like more experimentation is in the future for these winemakers—like a Gewürztraminer made also using Belgian beer yeast. [][Photo: Flickr/Lindsey G]