New York’s “Craft” Crops Receive $1.4M in Grants

hops flower

Governor Cuomo of New York has announced that research departments whose main studies include diseases and pests affecting orchards, vineyards and hop crops will receive $1.4 million in grant money. According to the New York Daily News,  the grant, accounting for more than a dozen projects, intends to promote and protect New York state’s growing wine, beer and cider producers.

A select few speciality crops including sweet corn and onions, will receive a portion of the funds as well, and the largest chunk, $224,000, will be directed to farmers’ health education.

Promoting healthy living alongside wine, beer and cider production will not only encourage the success of both sectors, but should also initiate a discussion on how drinking can be incorporated in a healthy lifestyle. [NY Daily News] [Image: Flickr/[Duncan]]