Nossiter’s Natural Resistance Is Not (but Kinda Is) a Sequel to Mondovino

Filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter made waves in 2004 with his audit of the business of wine in his documentary film Mondovino. In it he took direct shots at Michel Rolland—the famed wine consultant responsible for producing wines in a big, forward style—and the wine critic Robert Parker, who many consider to be responsible for the proliferation of these over-the-top wines.

In short, the film essentially pitted large producers—seemingly manufacturing wines to please the palate of an influential few—against small, family-owned producers dedicated to tradition and wines of place, not style. Rolland, et al. remain pissed.

Given his stance, his new movie, Natural Resistance, seems like a natural follow-up. But as reports, it is not meant to be a sequel to Mondovino. (Rolland is likely still pissed regardless.)

The movie, which was released this past weekend at the Berlin Film Festival, takes place in Italy and tracks the stories, philosophies and methods of three natural winemakers: Giovanna Tiezzi of Pacina in Chianti, Elena Pantaleoni of La Stoppa in western Emilia-Romagna and Stefano Bellotti of Piemonte’s Cascina degli Ulivi, located in Gavi.

When it hits stateside it is sure to inspire a flare-up in the debate on natural wine, which continues to be a heated one in America. Stay tuned. []