Phrosties Are NYC’s Latest Underground Booze Obsession

New Yorkers have an obsession with all things underground. From clandestine dance clubs to secret sandwich deliveries, intel on classified services equals cultural cachet. The gumshoes over at Grub Street recently tracked down and tested one such hush-hush business: alcoholic slushy company, Phrosties.

“Engineered for the social-media age,” Phrosties Slushies’ only public presence is on Instagram where two phone numbers and a clipped “DELIVERIES 24/7” note can be found on a private profile page. According to Grub Street, the process is painless, quick (“like two hours”) and produces a delivery of Phrosties in flavors like Blue Hawaiian, Dragonberry Colada and La Phiesta.

But how do they stack up to frozen Margaritas, sweet-tart Piña Coladas and your college room mate’s homemade vodka-cran popsicles? Food critic Oliver Platt weighed after one sip saying, “I already have a headache.” He evaluates the crayon-colored cocktails to be mostly grain alcohol and sugar, but bliss-inducing nonetheless. [Grub Street] [Photo: Instagram/cocosocd]