Pippa Middleton Now Writing About Cocktails?

Every two weeks, English socialite Pippa Middleton graces The Daily Telegraph with a column about the sport of social life. Among other things, Middleton has reported on the trend of hydro-spinning (underwater stationery cycling), taking flamenco lessons and shopping at the New Convent Garden flower market. Most recently, she ducked away from the paparrazi to spend an afternoon at Milk & Honey, one of London’s cocktail meccas to mix Daiquiris and Whiskey Sours. We learn she is not a fan of tequila paired with beer—”yeuck!”—and she enjoys setting cocktails on fire. Beyond this, Middleton doesn’t uncover much we don’t already know about the bar, which opened in 2002.

Also, in case you were wondering, she “shook it all about” while wearing a sparkly silver top and gold bangles. A rock still seems to be absent from Ms. Middleton’s ring finger, confirming that she remains, indeed, unengaged. [The Daily Telegraph]