Powdered Alcohol Probably Not Happening After All

Yesterday NPR (and everyone else) reported that Palcohol—a portable powdered alcohol purported to be the latest “solution to the soaring price of alcohol”—was due to hit the market in the near future. But not so fast. The Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) did indeed approve the labels for the powder—which can apparently transform any liquid into rum, vodka, or an number of other spirit flavors—but as of late last night that approval was reversed.

Though Palcohol does not explicitly encourage consumers to bring packets of the stuff into spaces where alcohol is banned, it seems movie theaters, stadiums and other places where alcohol is either prohibited or way overpriced are bound to be popular sites for Palcohol use. According to USA Today, a representative from the bureau stated that the “approvals were issued in error,” but did not offer information on the specifics of the error. Palcohol has stated that it had to do with the fill levels in the bags, while others have speculated that it’s far more likely that there are larger concerns about the potential impact of marketing a powder that can turn water into booze (er, obviously). So for now, we’ll all have to place our dreams of powdered booze on hold. [USA Today] [Image: Flickr/Petras Gagilas]