Put a Little Marijuana in Your Mojito

weed cocktails marijuana

It’s not legal to serve alcohol and weed drinks, at least outside the comfort of your home. But just in case, VICE has an infusion method for creating high-quality Green Dragon (any booze infused with weed) as well as a recipe for Michael Cecconi’s (of  Two Sisters Bar & Books in SF) Green Goucho—a “refreshing combo of the aggressive, grassy, sharp taste of Sour Diesel-infused vodka delightfully blended with honey-sweetened Mate and lime.” 

The tips on infusing come courtesy of Michael Nelson, of LA’s The Writer’s Room (and drinks man for that epic LA weed pop-up dinner), who got into working with weed  cocktails a few years ago via a combination of “modern technology and old-school technique.” That is, he combed old-school cocktail books for tips on infusing herbs into spirits, and then combined them with Dave Arnold’s “nitrous-powered technique for infusing flavors into alcohol,” which Arnold developed in 2010. Long/short: rapid infusion is key. [VICE]




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