Rare Scotch Cask Sells in Hong Kong for $250,000

Last Friday, a Hong Kong auction house sold off a wide array of exclusive liquor. While rare spirits like 1979 Macallan and 1980s Louis XIII Cognac were bid off at handsome prices (HK$19,520 and HK$24,400, respectively), the undoubted highlight of the auction was the sale of a whole cask of 1991 Macallan, according to the Drinks Business

With the initial asking price of HK$1.6m, the final bid for the cask came down at HK$1,952,000. Thats’s slightly more than $250,000. However, that’s a plebeian sum compared to the world record Macallan broke earlier this year. A single crystal decanter filled with rare Macallan M was auctioned off for $629,205. Considering that a cask is equivalent to about 490 bottles, the recent sale seems to be a relative bargain. [The Drinks Business] [Photo: Flickr/rick]