Robert De Niro Launches a Vodka from New Zealand

Robert De Niro postcard

Robert De Niro spoke to about his new vodka, VDKA6100, and his personal mantras on taste and drinking. The vodka, “Designed in New York… A Touch of Italy…Sculpted in France…Distilled in New Zealand… Originated in Australia” is described by De Niro as “elegant” and “refined.” To add to the list of idiosyncratic origins, the vodka is distilled from the whey of grass-fed cow milk and cut with New Zealand spring water.

A major investor in Nobu Hospitality Group, De Niro has also had a silent hand in several other restaurant ventures. He is joined in this particular venture by “Australian casino mogul James Packer,” whose estate inspired the vodka’s name; 6100 is the post code at Packer’s Australian estate. It’s unclear whether De Niro’s investment properties will be carrying their cousin investment, but chances are, you’ll see it on Nobu’s shelves soon. [] [Image: Flickr/Jean Boechat]