Robert Parker Files Yet Another Rant

Where is Jerry Springer when you need him? Parker is at it again, posting another rant to his bulletin board on, this time lashing out at both Jon Bonné and Eric Asimov. He cites a tasting Bonné and Asimov held at the Wine Writers Symposium entitled “Unexpected Napa Valley Wines,” which he did not attend.

“Lisa and Jeb were there and later told me the tasting of Jon Bonne’s “new California” wines, assisted by Eric Asinov [sic], was a disaster of showcasing largely emaciated, excessively acidic, hollow wines,” writes Parker. “Apparently many of he attendees were turned off, wondering how wine writing could intentionally go down such a losing path.”

This is the wine world’s version of a talk show chair toss and one rant away from hair pulling. It comes in the wake of Parker’s much-talked-about keynote speech wherein, among many other declarations, he calls for a more civil dialogue within the wine writing community. Asimov acknowledges the contradiction by saying, “This must be an example of the new civility among wine writers that Bob has recommended.”

Parker goes on to make a Neil Young comparison and argues for many of the cult California cabernets he scored so highly in the 1990s and early 2000s, which have recently come under scrutiny for what many believe to be their lack of ageability. Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Editor in Chief of The Wine Advocate, also jumps in in his defense offering her thoughts on the tasting and criticism of wines that both were and were not included (whoops). Tyler Coleman has the best snippets from each over at [ via]