Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans Prefer Riesling

What do your music preferences say about your taste in wine? According to a recent study that surveyed 2,000 adults, apparently a lot. According to The Telegraph, fans of rock ‘n’ roll music enjoy riesling, while pop music listeners prefer sauvignon blanc. The corollary study also found that gewürztraminer is the favorite amongst classic music fans. 

“Like rock, Riesling is a diverse and complex proposition and you can choose anything from a sweet to a dry variety to suit your own personal taste,” said Julien Tessier of D&D Wine Shop. “Riesling has naturally high acidity so it has immense ageing potential, similar to rock artists who have stood the test of time.” 

If you think Tessier is stretching the metaphor a little bit, wait for this gem: “You could say that in a similar way to many rock stars, Riesling was badly behaved and had a bad reputation but it has been rehabilitated and made its come back, bigger and better than ever.” [The Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Alberto Carrasco Casado]