Say Hello to the $250 Supersonic Decanter

wine decanting lead

The Sonic Decanter still has a month left to source funds on Kickstarter, Yahoo Tech got their hands on a prototype of the device that claims that it can soften tannins with a “15- to 20-minute ultrasonic session.”

“Once it gets going, the Decanter’s edges emanate a blue glow, and it emits a loud electrical buzz,” writes Yahoo‘s Alyssa Bereznak. The science behind this countertop R2D2 shows that exposure to ultrasonic energy alters the molecular properties of the wine that determine its acidity and tannin, promoting a more “homogeneous liquid with improved sensory characteristics,” according to the device’s Kickstarter page. The question is: Do you really want your wine to taste softer and more “homogeneous”? Once on the market, the Sonic Decanter will cost $250 and take up some six inches on counter space. [Yahoo Tech] [Image: Flickr/InternetArchiveBookImages]