Science Confirms Moderate Drinking Is Just Fine

Ever forgone a drink in lieu of counting calories? According to science, it may have been for naught. Moderation is the real key, according to The Telegraph.

The enemies of Weight Watchers members everywhere, alcoholic drinks allegedly contain only “empty calories,” and halt metabolism “slowing the entire fat burning process.” As early as 1980, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has decreed alcohol a “non-essential nutrient.” Recent research, however, is beginning to tell a different story.

A study by the Department of Medicine and Clinical Science at Kyushu University in Japan has determined, at least preliminarily, that “alcohol improves insulin sensitivity,” a trait that, in simple terms, allows drinkers to process complex carbohydrates more efficiently and store less fat. There are also a whole bunch of benefits associated with drinking red wine, which is thought to contain “anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and antiviral properties.” Of course, these benefits only outweigh the potential risks when consuming in moderation.

It’s discoveries like these that remind us to drink more wine. Not that that would ever be an issue. [The Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski]