Scientists Find Gene That Curbs Alcohol’s Effect on Your Liver

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Chinese scientists have made a discovery that could make the consequences of “one too many” a little easier on your liver. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Nutritional Sciences claim to have identified a gene that turns alcohol into glycogen instead of fat, International Business Times reports. Glycogen is considered a better energy source for the body.

The gene – PPP1R3G – is present in both humans and animals. In tests performed on lab rats in whom the gene had been strengthened, the amount of fat build-up in the liver was significantly reduced.

Chen Yan, lead scientist on the study, says, “Our findings shed new light on the issue of drinking. It can lead to the development of new medicines that can reduce the negative health effects of alcohol.” He compared the change from fat to glycerol to making the shift from dirty to clean energy. [International Business Times][Photo: Flickr/John Liu]